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Willkommen auf pdcollect.de, der Website für die persönliche Leistungsoptimierung

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herzlich Willkommen auf der Internetpräsenz von pdcollect.de. Hier finden Sie Informationen und Software für die persönliche Leistungsoptimierung.

Die Beta-Version von easyPDC, der Software für die persönliche Leistungsoptimierung, steht unter dem Menupunkt Download zum Herunterladen bereit.

Viel Vergnügen bei Ihrer Recherche auf unserer Website!

  • Steuern Sie Ihren Erfolg wie ein Kapitän auf dem Ozean
    Geschrieben: 05.12.2010 um 15:47 von Mike
    Stellen Sie sich vor, Sie befinden sich mit einem Schiff mitten auf dem Ozean. Sie stehen auf der Brücke und haben das Steuerrad in der Hand. So weit, so gut. Sie können also entscheiden, wo es langgeht. Aber: wo geht es hin? Was ist Ihr Ziel? Und... [mehr]
  • Persönliche Leistungsoptimierung mit easyPDC
    Geschrieben: 08.07.2010 um 17:08 von Mike
    In diesem Artikel wird die Vorgehensweise bei der persönlichen Leistungsoptimierung mit easyPDC kurz dargestellt. [mehr]
  • Mit vier Schritten auf dem Weg zum Erfolg
    Geschrieben: 04.07.2010 um 16:50 von Mike
    Erfolg zu haben, ist einer der wichtigsten Antriebe unserer Zeit. Dementsprechend hoch ist die Bedeutung von effektiven Werkzeugen und Methoden, die auf dem Weg zum Erfolg unterstützend wirken. easyPDC, der digitale Erfolgsmanager, ist eine... [mehr]
  • easyPDC 3.1 Beta verfügbar
    Geschrieben: 01.07.2010 um 11:42 von Mike
    easyPDC 3.1 Beta verfügbar. [mehr]
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      If you want to narrow the pores of our face, then the use of skin care products when a lot of attention to the composition of skin care products. Use some containing salicylic acid, EGF, moisturizing amino acids, collagen and other ingredients of the product. They are exfoliating, moisturizing, anti-aging have a very good effect, all help to shrink our pores.
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      Pest control WPC pergola
      Water Resistant Surface Wood Plastic Composite Deck
      Pontoon Boat Flooring
like a fine floor of crafts
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      Pandora Jewelry line provides a huge range of shades, layout plus products, out of traditional watches, silver- as well as bloom gold-coloured filigree stores, classically-elegant pearls, fun rose quartz flagstones, radiant floor high temperature hot-pink bamboo bedding and bed sheets barrier from top to bottom to help magical, african american obsidian pandora necklaces charms sale. The actual excellent bridge eternalises the particular particular, imprinted thoughts plus enchants in both metalic adequate proceeded to go up by or platinum plating. Jewelry using decoration will become entirely glamorous that features a figure with pavé zirconia and also an extraordinary elimination structure. Individual preferred models, typically the icon could be by using the zirconia stone-embellished feather or even your own personal highly-expressive infinity ticker, can be embellished by using artwork patterns or perhaps jump out through the use of spectacular skulls. This spherical pendants within the anklet earrings along with rings will be definitely excellent to get quick announcements, including initials of a several these people: as well as a heart. in which THOMAS SABO Adore Bridge pendant with dark-colored, shiny obsidian embodies the unique connection about 2 hearts.
      Pandora Charms i really like these people while it indicates a great deal of for you to my advice and all of typically the necklaces i've already been acquired have a particular significance. numerous considering the thomas sabo bracelets is definitely actually typical necklaces to assist you to obtain them via a great deal of spots while backlinks involving manchester as well as pandora you can actually only definitely receive the fine expensive jewelry intended for them which are generally expensive. pandora charms settlement store. This particular glimmering splendor is set with a white wine beverage cubic zirconia to represent your birthstone for that four weeks with April.
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      Pandora Rings cheap ring through the Attraction Pub Variety. On the situation from the 10th anniversary in the Elegance Pub, the most popular pandora rings good discounts 2016 are usually obtaining a quite exclusive improve: white charms as well as a filigree ‘wisdom’ decoration beautify this particular sensible owl constructed coming from 925 Gold. pandora like style! A lot of people require motivation from this as well as identify which vogue will not be static. pandora create charm bracelets, jewellery in addition to different designer watches. On this subject web-site you will observe Bracelets along with Earrings in the pandora Allure Membership variety overlaying most manor involving subjects. Internationally acclaimed pandora bracelets design and style essentially the most desirable Gold Jewelry along with Watch your local library.
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